International journal of pharmaceutical and life sciences

A Knowledge Searching and Escalation Initiative

ISSN 2305-0330

Volume 2, Issue 1: January 2013



Research Paper:

1. Simultaneous Determination of Clopidogrel And Pioglitazone by High Performance Liquid Chromatography In Bulk Drug And Dosage Forms

V. Phani kumar and Y. Sunandamma


2. Investigation of A Protein Encoded by A Gene of Mus Musculus And Relating It to an Orthologous Protein in Homo Sapiens

Avijit Mallick


Review Article:

3. Agarwood Production- A Multidisciplinary Field To Be Explored In Bangladesh

Selina Akter, Md. Tanvir Islam, Mohd Zulkefeli , Sirajul Islam Khan


4. Solubility And Dissolution Of Drug Product: A Review

Naila Shahrin


5. Solid Dispersion To Improve Dissolution Of Drug Product

Asma Huq